How To Enable Apps Only Mode on Google TV home screen

Enable Apps Only Mode on Google TV / Chromecast.

The Google TV home screen is mostly filled with recommendations, but it is possible to turn them off almost completely. The “Apps Only Mode” boils everything down to the Highlights row and the “Your Apps” row.

First, select your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

- Select Settings from the pop-up menu

- Next, click “Accounts & Sign In” from the menu

- Select your Google account (the account responsible for the Home screen).

- Scroll down and toggle the switch on for “Apps Only Mode.
- A confirmation screen will appear to tell you that this mode will hide Google’s recommendations and your ability to use the Watchlist features. You will also not have access to any content you purchased from Google Play Movies or the Google Assistant. Select “Continue” to proceed
- Your Google TV Home screen will now look like this: