How To Install Anthym TV App On Roku Device

  How To Watch Live TV Free on Roku Streaming Device.

It's FREE cable TV. Stream live news and premium reality channels - 24/7. AnthymTV is taking the work out of streaming TV by curating free, next day shows from your favorite cable networks into 24/7 television channels. Simply tune-in, pick a channel, and sit back and relax.
Anthym TV is a brilliant app for people that wish to watch movies in several categories. Whether you’re keen on watching sci-fi movies or those horror ones, Anthym TV app delivers a number of the simplest and world-class movies.


AnthymTV is also available to install on Roku devices as well. Follow this quick guide below to install on any Roku device.

- From the home screen click the search option

- Type AnthymTV

- Scroll to the right and select AnthymTV.

- Choose Add channel

- Wait for AnthymTV to be added to your channels

- Click Ok

- Return to the home screen on your Roku device and find AnthymTV

- Click the star icon (*) on your remote and select Move channel

- Move the AnthymTV app wherever you prefer on your Roku channels list

- That’s it! You have successfully installed AnthymTV on your Roku device.