How To Rearrange and Organize Your Favorite Apps On Google TV

Rearrange and Organize Your Favorite Google TV Apps.

Your installed apps and games are shown in a row on the “For You” and “Apps” tabs. Only 12 apps and games can be shown without expanding the full list. It’s a good idea to put your favorites at the front of the line.

To rearrange your favorites, navigate to the “Your Apps” row and highlight the app or game you’d like to move. Select “See All” for the full list if your app isn’t showing.


Now, hold down the “Select” or “Enter” button on your remote for a few seconds .



A pop-up menu will appear with a few options, select “Move”.



You can now use the D-pad on your remote to move the app shortcut left or right. Move it left to bring it to the front of the list.


When the app shortcut is in the spot you want, click the “Select” or “Enter” button on your remote to confirm. You will still be in app rearrangement mode. Select another app to move it, or tap the “Back” button on your remote to finish.

If you’re moving apps from the full app list, keep in mind that the highlighted rows indicate the apps and games that will appear without selecting “See All.”.