How To Set Up Trakt on Addon Kodi

  Guide Set Up Trakt on Kodi. is a media tracking service that helps users sync their TV Shows and movies across numerous platforms and devices.

By integrating Trakt into your favorite streaming apps, managing your content will be a breeze!

this tutorial will show you how to set up Trakt on Kodi.

Before installing Trakt into these Addons, we must register for a user account

How To Register for a Trakt Account.

- Open Kodi and select your favorite add-on (In the following instance I have chosen Exodus Redux, however, the process will be similar for nearly all add-ons capable of using Trakt).

- From the main menu of the add-on, scroll down, and select Tools

- Click SETTINGS: Accounts.

- Scroll down to Trakt and click Authorization

- Kodi will then provide you with a Trakt authorization code. Copy or write this code down..

- Go to and enter in the code provided in the previous step and click the CONTINUE button

- When asked if you would like to allow the add-on to use your account, click YES

- A message will appear that confirms your device is now connected

- You can also opt to follow this alternative process for all your add-ons and builds within Kodi.
Not all Kodi add-ons have the ability to use Trakt technology.