25 Best Kodi Addons Movies and TV 2022

25 Best Kodi Addons Movies and TV 2022
I like to use Kodi to watch movies and TV shows, but it's not easy to find working add-ons for Kodi. I often think I've found the perfect add-on, but later I find out that the link doesn't work or the quality of the stream is too low to watch.

The biggest danger is that some add-ons contain malware and can steal your sensitive data (such as banking transactions and passwords).

To save your time, I've tested over 50 add-ons and compiled a list of the 25 best add-ons for Kodi in August 2022 for watching movies and TV shows. Each add-on is fast, reliable and compatible with Kodi Leia 18 and older versions.

Warning! That's why I strongly recommend using a VPN to protect your internet traffic and privacy on Kodi. NordVPN is my favorite option . This provider is fast, secure and you can try the service risk-free for 30 days by taking advantage of the money-back guarantee.

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Are you short on time? This is a quick guide to the best addons for Kodi

I've broken down the 25 best add-ons for Kodi into the categories below so that you can easily find the content you want to watch.

  • Movies & TV Shows – Watch hit Hollywood movies and series in one place with add-ons for Netflix, Exodus, Venom and more.
  • Live TV and News – stay up to date on local and international current affairs by streaming USTVNOW, XUMO.TV and Deutsche Welle.
  • Sports – watch the most important live sports matches on DAZN and ESPN3 with friends.
  • Videos – stream content from your favorite YouTubers on your Kodi device without ads.
  • Cartoons and Anime - Easily watch Japanese programs with English subtitles or audio on Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW.
  • Documentaries – bring content from around the world to your home with National Geographic and other documentaries.
  • Bollywood, Indian and Hindi Movies – watch the latest Bollywood movies and more on your Kodi device with Disney+ Hotstar!

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Best Addons for Kodi for Movies and TV Series


You can unblock the entire Netflix library with the CastagnaIT add-on (Netflix hasn't released an official add-on for Kodi yet).

There are many unofficial add-ons for Netflix available on Kodi, but the CastagnaIT add-on is one of the most popular because the developer is known and trusted within the Kodi community. The add-on also offers strong security measures. Your personal Netflix login information is encrypted and the secure HTTPS internet protocol is used to connect you to the official Netflix website. When you log out, your login details will be permanently deleted.

screenshot of Netflix streaming on Kodi with ExpressVPN
The add-on for Netflix is ​​one of my favorite add-ons to watch TV shows and movies on Kodi

Repository Name: CastagnaIT
Source URL: https://fusion.tvaddons.co/
Available Countries: Worldwide


You can download an unofficial Disney+ add-on from the SlyGuy repository . This too is a very reliable Kodi repository that is updated regularly. I tested the add-on for Disney+ from the SlyGuy repository and this plugin works perfectly for streaming content in HD. You can use the handy search function to easily find TV shows and movies.

Screenshot of Disney+ streaming on Kodi using ExpressVPN
NordVPN has fast speeds for watching Disney+ on Kodi

This Kodi add-on only works in countries where Disney+ is available, such as UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I used NordVPN to test if I could connect Disney+ and it worked without any issues.

Repository Name: SlyGuy
Source URL: https://k.slyguy.xyz/
Countries Available: Australia, Austria, Canada, Channel Islands, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, UK and US.

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is a popular add-on for Kodi that you can use to watch the latest movies and TV shows. This includes programs from streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon Prime Video. I spent hours watching content from these platforms and was very pleased with the quality and speed when streaming.

My team and I do not condone illegal activity, so make sure the content you stream is copyright free. In addition, I strongly recommend that you use a reliable VPN for Kodi at all times, as Exodus Redux is an unofficial third-party Kodi add-on. This ensures that your personal information and identity are protected from malicious third parties.

Repository Name: Exodus Redux
Source URL: https://iac.github.io/
Available Countries: Worldwide


I was very impressed with the sheer amount of content that Venom offers . With this add-on you can watch thousands of popular and even the latest movies and TV shows! Furthermore, it is a big advantage that you can use Venom's search function to easily find the content you want to watch.

However, you should still check which links you follow so that you don't accidentally download copyrighted material. I also make sure to protect myself from web trackers or advertisers with a VPN in case I unknowingly click the wrong link. If you don't already have a VPN, you can try NordVPN yourself without any risk . If you decide it's not right for you, you have up to 30 days to get your money back.

Repository Name: Venom Repository
Source URL: https://123venom.github.io
Available Countries: Worldwide

Protect yourself on Kodi with NordVPN

Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon is a popular add-on for Kodi if you want to access documentaries, TV series, movies, radio shows and sports competitions. Since there is a huge selection of content (including new releases) available, you should make sure that you only open legal content.

For that reason, I always make sure to protect myself with a VPN and I would recommend that you do the same. It's often difficult to determine whether shows and movies are legal, but a reliable VPN can protect you if you accidentally access the wrong content.

Repository Name: Ezzer Macs Wizard
Source URL: https://ezzer-mac.com/repo
Available Countries: Worldwide

Watch Kodi safely with a VPN!


Like Magic Dragon , Covenant can give you access to a huge selection of free TV shows and movies , but you need to be careful not to stream copyrighted content. Fortunately, you can use a filter, so that only legal programs and movies are shown.

Still, I recommend that you protect yourself with a VPN if you use this add-on for Kodi for streaming.

Repository Name: Covenant Repository
Source URL: https://covenant01.github.io/zip
Available Countries: Worldwide


Gaia is arguably one of the most powerful and advanced add-ons for Kodi out there. I was very impressed with the interface to search for content. That's why I think this is one of the best addons for Kodi on this list. Several streaming options are available. It also shows all the information you need to choose a host, such as quality, file types, language and source. This greatly reduces the chance that you will click on a link that does not work or provides access to incorrect content.

But it is important to keep in mind that this add-on is known to be difficult to set up. This add-on is fully optimized for debrid streaming services such as Premiumize and Real Debrid. This means that Gaia offers premium links to watch movies in 4K , but this option requires you to subscribe to a debrid service first. If you don't have a subscription, it's hard to find a high-quality stream.

Repository Name: GAIA Repository
Source URL: https://repo.gaiakodi.com
Available Countries: Worldwide

iPlayer WWW (BBC iPlayer)

The best add-on for Kodi to watch BBC iPlayer is iPlayer WWW . This add-on allows you to stream content from the 'Live', 'Catchup TV' and even 'Radio' categories directly on the BBC iPlayer website. However, iPlayer WWW is a streaming service that is only available in the UK and you also need a TV license in the UK.

Since this is a streaming service available in the UK, a VPN can help you access BBC iPlayer content such as Killing Eve and Doctor Who if you are a resident of the UK but you are abroad for work or vacation.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: UK


Tubi is a free American streaming service owned by Fox Corporation. Like Netflix, Tubi does not offer an official add-on for Kodi. However , you can download a third-party add-on for Tubi through the Diamond Wizard Repository . This is currently one of the most reliable and popular repositories on Kodi. The biggest advantage is that this add-on for Tubi hides all ads while streaming!

You don't need to create a Tubi account to start streaming on Kodi (unless you want to watch M or R rated shows).

Repository Name: Diamond Wizard
Source URL: https://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com/
Available Countries: USA

Watch Kodi safely with a VPN!


You can watch Hollywood movies and TV series for free by using the Crackle add-on . This is a streaming service from Sony that contains advertisements. You do not need to create an account. If you go to the official Kodi add-on repository, you can download the add-on for Crackle to start streaming right away.

While Crackle is only available if you're in the US, you can download a Kodi VPN to access the entire Crackle library if you're temporarily abroad and want to continue following your favorite shows.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: USA


The Popcornflix add-on for Kodi gives you access to a huge selection of popular movies and TV series , such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and What's Eating Gilbert Grape . You can download this add-on directly from the Kodi repository as it is an official add-on for Kodi. The only downside is that this add-on only works in the US and Canada.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Canada and USA

Unblock Popcornflix on Kodi without risk!

Cypher Media

This is a complete add-on for Kodi that provides access to a huge selection of TV shows and movies. Cypher Media also gives you access to anime, IPTV and a calendar .

While testing Cypher Media, the video only had to buffer for a few seconds before I was able to stream without interruption. Like Venom, unfortunately, some streams on this add-on come from illegal websites, so you have to be careful not to accidentally download content that is protected by copyright. You should also make sure to take precautions against potential hackers by encrypting your internet connection with a quality VPN .

Repository Name: Cypher Locker Repository
Source URL: https://cyphermediagit.github.io/
Available Countries: Worldwide

Luxray Videos

Luxray is a very popular add-on within the Kodi community. I found the add-on to be very easy to use and Luxray's offerings are divided into categories such as Movies, TV Shows, Animations, Superheroes, Crime, etc. Just make sure you're streaming non-copyrighted content.

You may find the standard offering on Luxray somewhat limited. But (much like GAIA) you can easily access a wider range of streams by using a Real Debrid account. Warning: Luxray contains some links to torrents. Therefore, you need to make sure that your personal information and IP address are protected by using a reliable VPN.

Repository Name: Stream Digital Repository
Source URL: http://sdwteam.com/wiz/
Available Countries: Worldwide

Watch content securely via Luxray with NordVPN

Best Addons on Kodi for Live TV and News


You can use USTVNow's Kodi add-on to watch live TV broadcasts in the US. The free version can give you access to ABC, CW, CBS, PBS, and My Network TV. If you opt for the paid plan, you can also stream Comedy Central, Animal Planet, Bravo, ESPN, and more. USTVNow was originally launched for US military personnel and expats abroad. That's why the add-on for Kodi works all over the world (including in the US).

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Worldwide


The XUMO.TV add-on gives you access to more than 190 worldwide channels that you can all stream for free. There are some Canadian, Brazilian, Mexican, German, French, Italian, Spanish and UK channels available, but most channels are American and only available if you are in the US.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, UK and US

Deutsche Welle

The add-on on Kodi for Deutsche Welle allows you to watch international news and current affairs programs such as Close Up, The 77 Percent and DocFilm. You can change the language of the add-on from English to German, Spanish or Arabic. The biggest advantages are that this add-on is completely free and works in any country.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Worldwide

Popular add-ons on Kodi for sports

The Crew

If you want to see content from the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, FIFA, and more , The Crew add-on is a must-have.

While doing the tests, I found out that this is the most complete add-on for sports, but I found the installation quite frustrating. There are also many Kodi users who have installed Indigo's add-on, but this causes The Crew's add-on to stop working. This is quite easy to fix by disabling the Indigo add-on and other dependent files.

Repository Name: The Crew Repository
Source URL: https://team-crew.github.io/
Available Countries: Worldwide


You can download the official add-on for Kodi from DAZN to watch sports matches live . This is one of the most user-friendly add-ons for Kodi that I have tested and gives you the option to easily watch UFC, tennis, basketball, NFL and more.

However, you need a subscription to use this add-on. If you travel regularly for work or leisure, you may also want to invest in a VPN. DAZN is not only limited to certain countries, but each country also has exclusive access to different sports. You can use a VPN to watch your home country's games, matches and fights on DAZN while you are abroad.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and USA


The add-on to Kodi for ESPN3 provides access to live matches, highlights and summaries of college football, basketball, tennis, golf, soccer, cricket and more international sporting events. With a paid subscription, you get full access to all matches, but you can always watch dozens of short clips from ESPN3 and ACCExtra for free.

Screenshot of streaming football on ESPN3 with Kodi
You can watch the latest American and global sports videos and wallpapers

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Worldwide

The best addons for Kodi to watch videos


I love using the add-on on Kodi for YouTube to stream music, videos, and clips from my favorite YouTubers, especially since it doesn't show any commercials. It doesn't even show ads in the side banner area or in the video suggestions.

Only the installation process is a bit tricky to complete. Due to a recent update, you currently need to enter your own API keys. I had no idea how to do this. Therefore, while installing the add-on, I just followed the on-screen instructions. The steps were easy and after that I was able to stream YouTube on Kodi without any problem.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Worldwide

Most popular cartoon and anime add-ons

crunchy roll

Crunchyroll gives you access to the largest collection of Japanese anime with English subtitles and exclusive original episodes. You do need to sign up for a subscription to use the add-on for Kodi.

Keep in mind that most anime titles are only licensed for specific regions. For example, I saw that the library in the US had at least 100 more series than countries in Europe. If you're going abroad for work or vacation and want to keep up with your favorite shows, a VPN can help you regain access to your home country's Crunchyroll library .

Repository Name: Official Kodi Repository for AddonsSource
URL: https://github.com/MrKrabat/plugin.video.crunchyroll (click the 'clone or download' button on the right and then 'download zip file' ).
Available Countries: Worldwide


FunimationNOW is another popular add-on on Kodi to watch anime , especially if you prefer anime with English dubbing instead of the original Japanese audio. Furthermore, it is a huge advantage that the add-on on Kodi is extremely user-friendly. With the high quality images, filter options and previews, it is very easy to search anime series.

Screenshot of available FunimationNOW content on Kodi
FunimationNOW add-on interface makes it easy to search and discover new anime series

There is a free version available for desktop and mobile, but you need a paid subscription to use the add-on on Kodi. Available only in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. A VPN can access your FunimationNOW account if you are temporarily in a country that does not support it, so that you can legitimately access the content you paid for.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and US

Best add-ons on Kodi for documentaries

National Geographic

The add-on on Kodi for National Geographic offers thousands of clips that you can stream for free . Unfortunately, you can't watch full episodes and it's difficult to find specific content in the library. Because there are so many clips available, it takes a long time to search through all the options. Overall, I think this is a very good add-on as you can watch high quality content for free.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Worldwide


Seeker provides access to a vast array of science, technology, and culture programs . The channel is owned by the same company that owns the Discovery Channel and offers original, high-quality content. But this add-on only allows you to watch videos from Seeker's YouTube channel. Therefore, you can also use the YouTube add-on to stream this content from Seeker.

Repository Name: Official Kodi Add-ons Repository
Source URL: None
Available Countries: Worldwide

Best Kodi Addon for Bollywood, Indian and Hindi Movies

Disney+ Hotstar

If you want to watch Bollywood, Indian and Hindi movies, a subscription of this Indian streaming service is an excellent choice. As the name suggests, Disney+ Hotstar gives you access to the entire Disney+ library . In addition, it is an advantage that there is a huge amount of other content, including HBO series such as Silicon Valley and Chernobyl , available.

Repository Name: BotAllen Kodi
Source URL: https://kodi.botals.com
Available Countries: India