Best Kodi 19 builds that actually work

Best Kodi 19 builds that actually work

The most recent Kodi update, Kodi 19 Matrix, was officially launched on February 20, 2021. Although it is always an exciting event when a device receives a major update, it seems that this one brought frustration and disappointment to many users. Because of this latest update, many if not most third-party add-ons no longer work with Kodi 19. This also means that almost all available builds are no longer supported. This is because the developers changed the add-on system of the app to Python 3, causing a big change that many are not happy about.

Fortunately, we were able to find a few builds that still work well with Kodi 19 Matrix and we will list them below.

Working Kodi 19 builds

At the time of writing, these builds are still working fine on the latest update. This may change depending on when Kodi releases another update, but you can check out these builds for now.


If you are interested in downloading and installing the Matrix Kodi build, you can find it in the Ghetto Astronaut repository. What's great about this repo is that you can also find other builds that you might want to check out. Just like most Kodi builds out there, the Matrix build also offers a variety of familiar features, such as add-ons, system, movies, TV shows, and more.

Atomic matrix

This particular build is part of the Misfit Mods Repository, which also contains cool builds for the previous Kodi 18. This build separates features into different categories, including Movies, Real-Debrid, Power, System, TV Shows, and more .

Element Kodi Build

The Element Kodi build is from the cMaN Repository, and it's known to be a great build to use if you're running Kodi 19. This particular build comes with very popular add-ons like Boom and The Oath, which greatly enhance your experience and streaming of movies and TV shows.

What's great about the Element build is that you can even integrate it with both Trakt and Real-Debrid.

Diggz Xenon Matrix

Many will be happy to know this, but the immensely popular Diggz Xenon Matrix build is finally compatible with this latest Kodi version. Of course, if you're still using Kodi 18, your app should still be able to use this build without issue.

It contains the usual categories like TV Shows, Movies, Music, Add-ons, but it also has categories for TV Guide, Streams, Xenon Matrix, and more. It also includes many add-ons, such as Seren, Pluto TV, Red Bull TV, The Oat, YouTube, and many others. You can explore what this build has to offer to make the most of it.

Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build

The Doomzday BK19 Kodi build is one of the newer ones within the Doomzday Repository. In this build, you'll find a dedicated space for add-ons, settings, revolution, The Oath, and more.

Fall out

The Fallout Kodi build is yet another solid creation from cMaN. You can actually install this particular build on any device that is already running the latest Kodi 19 Matrix. With the Fallout build, you get access to a variety of video add-ons like Shadow, The Oath, Alvin, YouTube, and more. It also separates the screen into different categories to make things easier to navigate, such as Movies, Add-ons, System, Favorites, TV Shows, and more.


It appears that cMaN repo is going really fast as the Alienware Kodi build can be found there as well. Similar to all other builds of the same repository, Alienware has categories for movies, favorites, TV shows, sports, apps, and more. It also uses well-known add-ons such as Free, The Oath, SportaHD, and more.


Even though the latest Kodi 19 Matrix has its flaws and pitfalls, it is not the end of the world. Kodi 19 still has a variety of builds that you can use to make your streaming experience even better – it's all about finding the right one that works for you. Fortunately, you can refer to this list if you want to save yourself the trouble of scouring the web for working builds.